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Data Selfie: This Free And Open Source Tool Shows How Facebook’s AI Tracks You All The Time

How does Facebook know what to show to you? How does it make predictions and guesses your interest? Some of you might be having a rough idea that Facebook’s algorithms keep tracking your activity and user-interactions, but what’s the real deal?

 To answer these question, a free and open source tool named Data Selfie is here. It’s basically a Chrome extension that tracks you while you’re using Facebook and shows you your own data traces. It further shows how Facebook’s machine learning algorithms use your data to know more about you.

How does Data Selfie work?

To be precise, Data Selfie records your clicks in the newsfeed, clicks on external links in the newsfeed, time spend on posts and the particular information of those posts, things you type and post, and the overall time devoted to the blue social network.

Data Selfie shows you a dashboard that gives you a sense of what Zuckerberg’s company might know about you. To gather these insights, the tool uses IBM Watson and University of Cambridge’s Apply Magic Sauce natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

It should be noted that your data will be stored locally on your own computer and only anonymized data is sent to servers.

As mentioned above, Data Selfie is free and open source. So, feel free and grab the code and fork it. Here’s the link of its Chrome extension.


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