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What would happen If I Never Shut Down My Computer?


The modern day operating systems are designed in such a manner that they can be used for a long time without performing the complete shutdown process. However, there are some points that one should keep in mind.

Software issues:

On the software front, the programs being used by you keep collecting all sorts of junk. So, restarting your computer might rejuvenate it and make it seem faster. Well, if your computer has enough RAM, it can be used for a longer period of time without shutdown.

The systems being used as servers have more liberty. On a server, one starts just a few programs and they keep on running. Compared to a desktop computer, where one keeps interacting with the programs and running different applications, a server system will run longer. Also, the server operating systems are pre-optimized for longer use.

Hardware issues:

The computer hardware consist of different moving parts that are bound to age with time and continuous heat. Your operating system might run without any hiccup, but your hardware will suffer. When it comes to leaving a computer running, there’s another big factor in the form of a hefty electricity bill.

So, what should I choose? Shutdown, hibernate, or sleep?

In a nutshell, a modern computer can run for multiple days without a complete shutdown. It goes without saying that one needs to reboot it to complete some installation or update process. But, if your computer can’t run smoothly without frequent reboots, it’s because of outdated hardware or some other problem.


In the end, your choices matter. But, there’s no point turning your computer on and off multiple times a day. You can use the sleep option and get back to work instantly. Just in case you wish to save some more electricity and avoid sleep, you can hibernate your computer. If you aren’t going to use your PC for some days, or it’s showing some laggy behavior, you can surely book a ride to the shutdown town.

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