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India’s First-Ever 1Gbps Fiber Broadband Connection Launched By ACT Fibernet

The last six months have marked the beginning of a new digital era in India. The newly born operator Reliance Jio has been delighting its customers with unlimited free 4G LTE data plans.

Now, the Bangalore-based company ACT Pvt. Ltd. has launched the nation’s first 1Gbps fiber-optic broadband service under the brand name ACT Fibernet. Currently, Hyderabad is the city where the gigabit broadband service will be first rolled out.

For optimum user experience, ACT Fibernet recommends an Intel Core i7 CPU @2.5Ghz, 8GB RAM, a 64-bit OS, and 1Gbps ethernet port. A CAT6 ethernet cable would be required to pump the high-speed internet to the user’s computer.

It’s not the first time Indians have seen Gigabit speeds on their soil. A few years back, Google tested their 1Gbps fiber internet in the southern city of Kochi. But ACT Fibernet has launched the first commercial service of this kind.

The telecom operator Jio is also working to roll out their 1Gbps FTTH broadband service under the brand name Reliance Jio GigaFiber.

Hearing such news soothes the ears of the Indian population which largely depends on slow, costly, and unreliable internet connection. Slow internet is also the reason for the existence of apps like YouTube GO.

ACT Fibernet is currently offering their 1Gbps broadband at the cost of Rs 5,999 ($ 92  approx.). The monthly subscription will come with 1TB data cap. Soon, the service will be rolled out in other cities where ACT Fiber is present.

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